A wild animated render appears!

 You can find a larger non-divided version of it here.


drvanguard asked: Your renders are awesome! Please continue!

I’m glad you like ‘em! And I will try to make some more, in the near future. :)

"Hot coffee, Shepard?"

Hello, folks! It’s been a while!

Here’s a couple of new LiaraxSheploo renders!


Niftu Cal is Galen MarekA BIOTIC GOD


She was keeping herself busy with work, reading through various files on her datapad. Liara T’Soni, formerly an archaeologist and supposed expert on all things prothean, was now pursuing a new career as an information broker. It wasn’t a career she’d ever expected to follow, but it had been necessary with her new purpose - vengeance. The Shadow Broker would pay for what he’d done to her friends, and to her.

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So I went and made something silly. As I was curious about trying to synch lipmovement with dialogue, I really wanted to make something like this.

And being the Liaramancer I am, it could be nothing other than this.

Special thanks to Nhani for being an awesome friend and for helping with making this. And as Nhani’s work is awesome, you should totally visit Nhani’s page and hit the follow button!




You can find a larger version of the animated gif here.

Shepard is a tower of steel, a battle master, a font of strength. He’s not weak. He’s not vulnerable. He’s not dependant. He doesn’t need to have someone close to support him except a teammate close in battle. But he finds himself laying there, looking up into blue eyes and it’s… like he’s melted, that tower of steel collapsed.

He trembled at the thought of what was to come. He can see the faces behind his eyelids and they weren’t moving, they weren’t alive. He’s drowning and he can’t swim. He’s reaching up and then he finds fingers twining around his own.

‘I’m here’ she says ‘I’m not going anywhere’

He bites the backs of his lips to stop them from quivering. He’s drowning but at least there’s a buoy in the distance telling him he’s not too far out. She’s his life line. She has him by the heart and all she has to do is tug.

‘I’m right here, and I’m not letting you go’

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You can find a larger version of the animated gif here.